Worst Mistakes First Time Peterborough Home Buyers Can Make

By: Marilyn Rogers

Worst Mistakes First Time Peterborough Home Buyers Can Make

Everyone makes mistakes, but when you're talking about the biggest investment you will likely make in your lifetime, you should avoid the mistakes that can be avoided.

The top mistakes people make when buying their first home include:

Not hiring a buyer's agent.
Not many people realize that using a buyer's agent is free! The agent is paid by the seller, and it's definitely worth it to have some extra help when it comes to navigating the purchase of something as big as a home. Our help can definitely make the difference in your home buying experience.

Not knowing your budget.

It says a lot to sellers and their agents when you've gotten a mortgage pre-approval. It lets them know you're serious, but most importantly it lets you know what you can spend on your home. Without one, you may be left hanging later when you're not approved for the mortgage on the home you've already fallen in love with.

Saying no to a home inspection.

Never say no to a home inspection! Even on a newly constructed house, a home inspection is well worth it when it comes to spotting errors. Consider it to be a very small investment in the soundness of your future home - a few hundred dollars now could save you thousands - or more - later.