Spring Maintenance For Your Peterborough Home Or Cottage

By: Marilyn Rogers

Spring Maintenance For Your Peterborough Home Or Cottage

It's almost spring, despite how it feels outside. Spring is the time when the real estate market is the most active, so if you're planning on selling your home in the coming months it's a good idea to get started on any minor spring maintenance chores as soon as possible. 

Here are a few things you can do to help your home sell and to avoid unpleasant surprises later on:

Fix any chipping paint. Any painted wood that's chipping or flaking is at risk for moisture intrusion and rot, plus it doesn't look very nice. Make sure that the exterior surfaces of your home or cottage have been power washed, and if necessary sanded and re-painted.

Undergo a roof inspection. While it is an added expense, you'll know as soon as possible whether you need to undergo further (and more expensive) repairs. If you've noticed any possible leaks or moisture in your home that could be pointing to a roof issue, don't wait.

Avoid moisture intrusion. Spring is the worst time of year for moisture intrusion into your home, but much of this can be avoided by simply cleaning your gutters of any debris, like fallen leaves from last fall.

Trim any unruly trees or shrubs. Out-of-control vines, trees and shrubs can be unsightly, while also posing a thread to your home via fallen branches or cracked siding. Consider hiring a landscaper to tackle any large jobs, but the majority of this can be done yourself.

Are you planning on selling your home this spring?