Is The Summer The Best Time To Go To The Cottage?

By: Marilyn Rogers

Is The Summer The Best Time To Go To The Cottage?

Nothing says summer like a weekend at the cottage. With the Victoria Day weekend just over, summer is officially kicking off in Ontario and many of us will be headed to a cottage, whether it’s a friend’s cottage, the family cottage or our own cottage.

But is summer the best time to go to the cottage? When people are considering buying one, they can sometimes think to themselves that if they can’t go to the cottage in the summer, they might as well not go at all. But this isn’t true!

While summer is an absolutely wonderful time to be at the cottage, cottages can be great year-round. And, despite how much you may want to be at a cottage on the lake right this minute, summer at the cottage can have downsides.

Summer is the busy season, which means that roads to and from the cottage will be full of traffic at the beginning and end of the weekends. There’s also more people around in the area at the cottage, and the lakes and nearby towns are often busier as well. In addition, bugs are usually heaviest in the summer.

When you buy a cottage, there’s a tremendous advantage to ensuring the one you get is useable year-round. Not only can you enjoy the beautiful fall cottage season, but winters at the cottage are very underrated. You can even rent your cottage out during the peak season in the summer when you can’t get there yourself!