Five Things That Can Lower The Value Of Your Peterborough Home

By: Marilyn Rogers

Five Things That Can Lower The Value Of Your Peterborough Home

When you're selling your home or cottage in Peterborough, your might be focusing on what you can do to increase your home's value and put more money in your pocket when it sells. But what are you missing that's actually lowering the value of your real estate?

Here are five things that can lower the value of your real estate: 

Consider updating your appliances if they aren't very modern. While this is one of the more expensive ways of staging your home, nothing says money like stainless steel appliances. In addition, you can build the cost of these appliances into your asking price.

A messy garage
Many working families have two cars, or prefer to keep their car in their garage. If they don't use the garage as a car park, the garage can be a wonderful storage area. Keep it clean and tidy, and also consider installing cubbies or organizers to make it that much more appealing.

Minor disrepair
Whether it's peeling paint or a small leak, anything that needs repair, however minor, can lower the value of your home. Set aside a small budget or hire a contractor to make any necessary repairs before listing your home.

Air quality
The air quality of your home is a big deal - from smaller issues like mold, to huge health hazards like asbestos or radon. Consider getting an indoor air quality test so you can present the results to potential buyers.

Yes, you! Your presence, whether you are actually in the home during a showing or your personal photos and knick knacks are all over the home, you can turn off potential buyers. Do your best to leave the home during showings, and put as many of your personal items away until you move.