Chemong Lake And The Surrounding Area

By: Marilyn Rogers

Chemong Lake And The Surrounding Area


The beautiful Chemong Lake, just 10 minutes away from Peterborough, is one of Kawartha's finest lakes that features great waterfront properties for sale and rent and a number of activities year-round.

The once small natural lake is now the biggest lake in the Kawartha chain, and even though nowadays, bridges and roads connect the area with the wider community, crossing the lake for the earliest settlers was yet a major challenge. The lake's rich history has remained a big part of the lakeside we know today. The nine-mile long shoreline has become one of the most attractive locations for buying real estate. Even if known as a major tourist destination, Chemong is also home to many year-round residents who enjoy the peaceful, serene surroundings throughout all seasons.

The summer season is especially busy. Many people flock to the lakeside to enjoy their vacation, far away from the city noise. It's the perfect getaway for many Canadians who like to relax and recharge their batteries in a natural setting. The lake, the parks and the beaches are simply gorgeous evoking a special feeling of inner peace. 

What to do at Chemong Lake?
It rarely gets boring at the Chemong Lake. Visitors and locals usually gather at the Selwyn Beach Conservation Area during the summer for a swim, picnic or playing badminton.  Fishing is also highly popular in the region, and many bait shops are an integral part of the surrounding lake area. In fact, fishing tournaments are quite often, especially at the Tri-Lakes (Chemong Lake together with the Pigeon and Buckhorn lakes). Boat, kayak and canoe rentals are also found on almost every corner for all those boat lovers who like to explore the waters first-hand.  The small villages around the lake contribute to the liveliness of the area. Events and festivals are organized throughout the year. The villages are also known for small shore beaches and park areas. 

Visitors especially enjoy on-boat bed and breakfast, an adventure not to miss. Just imagine waking up to the lake breeze and having breakfast on the sundeck. Priceless!

Winter is also fun at the Chemong Lake where ice-skating, skiing and snowmobiles serve as an escape from winter monotony. Chemong Lake is especially popular for the annual charity event called Polar Plunge where people traditionally plunge into the ice-cold lake. The attraction draws around 1,500 people each year.

Properties around Chemong Lake
The beautiful properties and resorts around the lake vary in style and architecture, and they blend in perfectly with the environment. If you are looking for a property at the lakeside, Chemong Lake has lots to offer, from simple and small to ultra-modern large cottages. There is something for everyone. Since Chemong Lake is a renowned tourist destination, homebuyers usually buy a property to rent it out, but there is always a handful of buyers who buy a cottage reserved only for them, where they can come back year-round and enjoy their vacation. 
[1] Chemong Lake in Winter. Taken on 15 March 2009 by Eric Marshall. License CC BY 3.0. Source: